Just The Basics

Kristofer Dommin has declared his Americana Invasion!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California and now residing in Australia, the crooner performs a unique brand of Alternative Americana that can best be described as the lovechild of Roy Orbison, The Clash and The Doors. Rootsy in arrangement and a swinging rockabilly energy, the music bridges the gap between blues and country, with the words of a dark romantic poet and the attitude of an outlaw.

Kristofer recruited Brisbane-based trio, The Oztones, featuring upright bassist Dale Berends, lead guitarist Danny Lowrie and drummer Jot Garrott, all young yet seasoned players active in the Brisbane live scene. Kristofer Dommin has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively and performed at major rock festivals like Download in the UK, Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park in Germany and Soundwave in Australia. The Oztones also features musicians with extensive international touring experience.

In addition, to this fresh brand of Americana, Kristofer continues to release solo material with the same moving dark and dreamy style he’s been known for with songs like Dreamkiller, The One and Ready, Set, Go, all released in 2020.

Kristofer Dommin Photo with an Acoustic Guitar

Kristofer Dommin and The Oztones Band Photo